With a need for over 100K teachers across the nation, a fresh and innovative approach to teacher recruitment and retention is crucial. Using first-party data from thousands of educators, our report delivers invaluable insights into the perspectives of current and prospective teachers.

Together we can build and strengthen the teacher workforce in America.

  • This comprehensive report is based on first-party data from thousands of educators.

  • Supported by analysis and advice from experts education recruitment and retention.

  • You'll gain practical recommendations to attract and retain highly qualified educators.

We surveyed thousands of teachers to give you invaluable insights into teacher recruitment and retention in 2023.

  • Understand and Leverage Candidate Motivations

    Gain valuable insights into teacher candidate profiles, motivations, reservations, and job satisfaction.

    • Discover strategies to support aspiring and unlicensed teachers, attract top talent, and retain dedicated educators.
    • Gain actionable recommendations for improving compensation, professional development, work-life balance, and school culture.
    • Cultivate a strong teacher pipeline and make a positive impact on students' lives.
  • Learn How To Navigate a Candidate-Driven Market

    Learn effective strategies for navigating the candidate-driven market, enhancing recruitment practices, optimizing your online presence, and offering competitive compensation packages.

    • Discover how to attract and retain top talent by providing upfront information, creating a positive candidate experience, and showcasing your school's culture.
    • Gain valuable insights to succeed in today's challenging teacher recruitment landscape.
  • Discover Innovative Ways to Infuse Staff into Schools

    Uncover innovative strategies to address staffing challenges in education.

    • Explore alternative teacher certification programs, Grow Your Own initiatives, and J-1 Visa programs.
    • Discover how these approaches can infuse qualified educators into schools, enhance workforce diversity, and foster supportive work environments.
    • Gain valuable insights to meet staffing demands and create inclusive educational experiences.
  • Identify Best Practices to Maximize Teacher Retention

    Discover the importance of strong relationships, professional growth, competitive salaries, and a positive work culture.

    • Explore strategies for addressing workload and stress, providing support staff, and offering professional development opportunities.
    • Use a self-assessment checklist to improve your online presence, create a supportive culture, and foster diversity and inclusivity.
    • Gain valuable insights to attract and retain top teaching talent.

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