Paving the way for a healthy educator workforce.

With a need for over 100K teachers across the nation, Klassroom is committed to providing innovative, affordable, high-quality pathways to close the gap on the teacher shortage in America.

Grow your district's teacher workforce by accessing candidates from our Teacher Certification Program.

Through flexible learning modules candidates will complete their teaching placement in your district and will be fully licensed in under a year.

Helping your schools grow.

License quality educators
Ensure quality education for your students with TCP's 21st-century learning standards.

Cohorts built for your district’s needs
Enroll candidates individually or via larger, private cohorts.

Rolling cohort start dates
Candidates may join one of our rolling cohort start dates throughout the year.

Group discounts available
Group discounts are available for schools that enroll 5 or more candidates.

License teachers quickly
Candidates can concurrently complete their online coursework and clinical placement, allowing them to earn their license in under a year.

Fill vacant roles in your schools
The clinical placement can be completed within your district, allowing candidates to continue in their current role or fill an empty role.

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Teacher pipeline solutions made for your district.

Klassroom is committed to providing schools with flexible options to create a Grow Your Own program. Together we can reduce the barriers for unlicensed educators, local community members, and school personnel to allow them to further their careers in education.

Grow Your Own Program

Affordably recruit and license uncertified teachers in your district in under a year.

  • Create a healthy teacher pipeline
  • Reduce financial barriers for aspiring teachers
  • Prepare high-quality educators for your schools

Recruit and Train Program

Hire our teacher candidates while they are completing their teacher licensure.

  • Candidates will concurrently learn and teach
  • Immediately fill vacant teaching roles
  • Mentor the best teacher candidates for your district

Launch a Grow Your Own Program in your district with Klassroom.

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