Klassroom Announces New Special Education Certification Program in Arizona to Address Teacher Shortages in Highest-Needs Groups

By Michelle Dzisiak

Klassroom's Teacher Certification Program ensures every student experiences the power of a great teacher.

Educators seeking a new pathway on their teaching journey can now sign up with Klassroom’s Special Education program to get certified and placed in Arizona.

On June 9th, 2022, the Arizona State Board of Education announced its approval of the Klassroom Teacher Certification Program (TCP) Arizona Alternative Pathway Mild to Moderate Disabilities Special Education, Grades K-12 Educator Preparation Program leading to educator certification. 

K-12 Special Education is currently one of the highest-need areas. This decision is a breakthrough for schools, aspiring teachers, and, most importantly, students across the state of Arizona and the country as a whole.

The approval also acknowledges Klassroom's commitment and capacity to maintain quality education for pre-service teachers.

Our most vulnerable students are in need. And they deserve better.

With the demand for teachers rising, schools across the country struggle to fill vacancies with committed, high-quality educators.

Our most vulnerable students risk falling by the wayside with resources already spread too thin. A 2015 study suggested that 74% of districts reported a shortage of Special Education teachers. This 2021 article by the Council for Exceptional Children indicates that the number is now 98%. Of the teachers who enter the Special Education field, there is a 12% turnover rate - nearly twice as high as general education teachers.

The data sends a clear message: there is an immense need to train, recruit, and retain Special Education teachers in Arizona and across the United States. Students and families who depend on specialized support require highly-skilled educators who can offer them a pathway to success. They deserve better.

Solving an immense need through quality education for all.

Klassroom's Teacher Certification Program now offers Special Education as a licensure pathway. As a result, unlicensed and aspiring educators can now gain their teaching license, focusing on Special Education for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional programs.

As Special Education continues to experience the most significant impact of the U.S. teacher shortage, Klassroom is offering a tangible solution to infuse quality educators with specialized skill sets into the classrooms where they are needed most. 

Klassroom is on a mission to ensure every child experiences the power of a great teacher. We seek to certify and retain high-quality educators with the unique insights, empathy, and skills to support students in both general and Special Education. We maintain high-quality standards that ensure our teacher candidates are prepared for the classroom, confident in their abilities, and in it for the long haul. 

As we work towards better education for students across America, we are proud to include an opportunity for Special Education licensure because our most vulnerable students deserve excellent teachers who will prepare them for a bright future.

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