Why military families should consider teaching

January 17, 202 |  Paula Dicu

Life in the military is one of constant movement. 

Military families and service members move from state to state and base to base, depending on placement needs. 

The path of service is honorable, and one that can also become tiring after years of traveling. 

If you’re a military spouse family, the constant changes in the environment can also make it harder to lay down roots in one given place. One of the biggest challenges that can come with this is finding a stable career option. 

And if you’re someone that has recently exited the military service, you will also be looking for a transition out of the military and into the real world. 

We recommend pursuing a teaching career

And if you’re wondering how to become a teacher as a military spouse or veteran, you’ve come to the right spot! 

Teachers hold a powerful and highly important role in society, as educators for the younger generations. 

As a military spouse seeking teacher certification, it’s a great career option that is easy to take with you when you are on the move, given the widespread virtual teaching world. 

Here are 6 reasons why military families should consider teaching:

  1. Join the community as a leader
  2. Become a life-long learner
  3. Solving the teacher shortage 
  4. Flexibility 
  5. Drawback: the application process 
  6. Understanding the needs of students from military families 

1. Join the community as a leader 


By becoming a teacher, spouses and veterans can join the community as leaders. 

Teachers are leaders who have the opportunity to create a large impact on their student’s growth and long-term success. 

By educating with purpose and intent, the way you speak, act and behave is looked up to by your students.

You may already have experience being of service to your country, and now you can be of service to the next generation of learners.

Help put your students on a wonderful life path trajectory through the wisdom and knowledge that you share. 


2. Become a life-longer learner


Teachers are also life-long learners themselves, and this career path is guaranteed to equip you with a number of interpersonal skills that will strengthen your character. 

A few of these include:

  • The ability to empathize. 
  • Great listening and communication skills.
  • Perseverance.
  • Ability to be resourceful.
  • Creative planning. 
  • Time management 
  • Patience 

The imaginative thinking that comes with being a teacher is a truly unique experience. 

There will always be a new opportunity to improve and learn through the daily classroom tasks and activities. 


3. Solving The Teacher Shortage 


As a result of the teacher shortages around the US, schools are looking for more experienced staff and teachers to join their teams. 

According to study completed in 2021, two-thirds of all schools in the US reported teacher shortages, the highest rates since 2015. 

These included schools in urban, suburban and rural districts, and across all grade levels and subjects. 

The national shortfall is now around 900,000 teachers.

Klassroom’s mission is to offer unique and rewarding careers for teachers that will solve the teacher shortage. 

That is why the state-certified program was created, adding ease to your transition into a new career. A few benefits of this program include:

  • Affordability.
  • Quality instruction.
  • In-depth teacher preparation. 
  • Access to job opportunities upon completing the certificate. 

4. Flexibility 


Many military spouses may have a hard time holding a job in one place due to the constant movement. 

The lack of routine requires a career path that is flexible. Given the virtual classroom and the need for teachers, teaching is one such career. 

A veteran will also value a new job that allows them flexibility after years of time spent on duty. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it!  

You can read Klassroom’s Student Spotlight on Samantha Chase, a certified teacher that is also part of a military family. Learn more about the reasons she enjoyed working as a teacher, and the opportunities that it opened up for her lifestyle. 


5. Drawback: the application process 


Making a plan to complete your teacher certification is one of the first steps, but you must also make note of the location requirements that you choose to teach in. 

You will need to have teaching license reciprocity from state to state, being mindful of any mandatory teaching courses that are a prerequisite to being a certified teacher in that state location. 

Teacher Certification Reciprocity is an agreement between states that allows individual states to recognize each other’s teaching credentials. 

While, in theory, this means your teaching license is transferable to all states, there will still be some bureaucracy involved. 

You can view all state requirements here, helping guide teachers who are looking to relocate.


6. Understanding the needs of students from military families 


Having extensive experience as a military spouse or as a military veteran, you have specialized knowledge and understanding that will be of great support to students from military families. 

Don’t underestimate the skillsets you will bring to the classroom with your unique life experiences. 

Students want to feel special and recognized for their unique abilities. 

You can be the type of educator that will help them catch up on lessons when they’re behind, understanding their social-emotional needs very well. 

Creating a welcoming and supportive school environment is one of the best qualities a teacher can bring to the classroom. 

Pursue a teaching career 

Teaching can be a viable and fulfilling long-term career option that offers variety and creativity to one’s life. 

The key to obtaining any role is being proactive and finding the right teaching position for you!

Klassroom is offering special discounts to military families that are interested in pursuing a life of teaching. 

You can sign up today and join our next teacher cohort.

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