Unlicensed teachers, here are 7 reasons why it’s time to get state certified

October 29, 2021 | Paula Dicu

There are many wonderful reasons to become a teacher, from sharing your love for learning, the laughter and community, a job that offers a creative outlet, and so much more. 

Teachers help guide their students to long-term success. You have the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with a group of students that they will bring with them through life. 

But how can you ensure the success of your experience as a teacher? What makes a quality teacher? And how do you become a state-certified teacher? 

If there’s one thing to note, it’s that the quality of teaching you provide will directly impact your students’ learning. 

A teaching license, or certification, will not only qualify you to legally work as a teacher, but it will provide key information to help prepare you for your classroom. 

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should become a state certified teacher:

  1. Receive support
  2. Grow as a learner
  3. Gain Industry insight 
  4. Developing the perfect curriculum 
  5. More job opportunities 
  6. You can earn more
  7. Good job security 

1. Receive support 

Whether you already have some experience as an unlicensed teacher or you are just starting out, the right move for your career is to receive support. 

You can’t be expected to know everything there is to know about creating an innovative learning environment or about facilitating deep teacher-student engagement.

Normally, this takes time and practice. And while experience in the classroom will be valuable to help you grow as an educator, the support offered with completing a teaching license is unparalleled.

It would also be worthwhile to connect with other licensed teachers and gain additional insights from them. 

Klassroom offers a number of different Student Spotlights that shed light on people’s journeys to becoming a state certified teacher.

2. Grow as a learner 

A teacher will always be a life-long learner. 

As you undergo your teaching certification to grow as an educator, you too are a student. 

A successful teacher is one that continues to reflect on their own growth mindset, and the right certificate will allow you to grow your classroom knowledge and skills.

Beyond the classroom, it can fill in gaps as you learn more about the leadership and interpersonal skills that are required for this career path.  

Even as someone that may already have some classroom experience, a licensure program can open your eyes to teaching methods that you knew nothing about. 

The truth is, students will expect you to be an expert on the subjects that you are teaching. And the insights you gain from a certification program will help you expand on your current knowledge. 

You will learn organizational skills, communication skills, and of course, how to plan the right type of curriculum for your classroom. 

3. Gain industry insight

A teaching license will be accredited by a reputable governing body in your home country, state, or province. 

And so, a teaching certification will also offer insights into the teaching industry where you wish to teach. 

Even for those that wish to go abroad, your license is one of the primary requirements set by schools. 

It will be an asset to learn more about the industry you wish to develop your career in. 

4. Developing the perfect curriculum

How do you create engaging student lesson plans and projects that will educate the students and be fun? 

A great teacher is someone that is able to spark a student’s interest and passion for learning. They can make a mundane subject matter more inspiring and interesting!

The credentials you receive as a licensed teacher will help you develop the perfect curriculum for your student’s needs. 

5. More job opportunities 

If you wish to get hired as a teacher, at home or abroad, it’s important to know that a large percentage of schools will not even consider your application without a teaching license. 

Imagine a school receiving hundreds of applications from prospective teachers. If you are amidst the group of applicants that are certified, you will instantaneously have a competitive advantage over other candidates. 

A teaching license will also allow you to teach in your home state.

If you are somebody that has gotten their TEFL and left your home country to teach abroad but wish to return home and continue teaching, getting licensed will allow you to continue working in education at home. 

The credibility you get from a teaching certificate will open up many doors and opportunities for getting hired. 

The key is to get to the interview stage

6. You can earn more

Be mindful that schools hiring licensed teachers have higher salaries than unlicensed teachers. 

So, getting your teaching license is an easy way to increase your earning potential. 

Some states pay more than others, which means the state you choose to teach in will impact the amount of money you can make.

7. Good job security

We have learned over the past two years that teachers have been in higher demand than ever, with the profession being recession proof

Teaching is a stable profession, but in order to get hired for the coveted position, you will need the right credentials. 

Setting yourself up for success

If you choose to become a teacher, wouldn’t you want to be the best that you can be?

Everyone wishes to excel at their job, and in order to do so, some professional development is required. 

Plus, as a certified teacher, you’re qualified to teach any subject matter and grade of your choosing. 

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